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The media and entertainment industries are in the midst of sweeping digital transformations as advances in technology and infrastructure continue to reshape how, where and when content and information are consumed. B+ helps  clients capitalize on this disruption based on our extensive cross-sector expertise within the industries: We worked with globally diversified media and entertainment companies, the top information companies and along with leading publishers.

What We Do

Our media consultants have experience with leading companies spanning all sub-sectors of the media and entertainment industry, including diversified media, film, broadcast television, pay TV, radio, video games, publishing, mobile, Internet media, recorded music, Internet service and advertising.

We work alongside our clients, from long-standing media leaders to newer entrants, to:

  • Help transform their businesses

  • Identify new sources of growth in the digital world

  • Harness the power of big data and advanced analytics

  • Optimize their organization to succeed in a digital landscape

  • Launch new channels

  • Find new ways to cut costs and increase efficiency

  • Achieve deeper customer engagement


As market boundaries between telecommunication, technology and media continue to diminish, our clients benefit from B+'s seamless integration of our Media, Technology and Telecommunications practices.

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Power is shifting from distributors of content to consumers of content and those consumers have more control, more choice, more personalization and more interactivity than ever before. This shift is exposing new pressure points and opportunities for media companies:

  • There are now more ways to reach the consumer. More devices, form factors and ecosystems to consume media make it easier to reach the consumer.

  • Yet, it is harder to engage consumers. It has become more difficult to break through the noise—given increased audience fragmentation and lower engagement—to reach and retain consumers.

  • A wealth of direct data exists to gain greater insights. Companies need to develop the organizational capabilities to harness this information in order to inform key strategic decisions.

  • Faster response times are required. Increased velocity across the industry means that companies must become faster and more efficient in responding to market changes.

  • Market complexity is increasing. Companies are pursuing a wide range of business models and value propositions to meet the increased demands of consumers.

  • Platform and technology uncertainty is mounting. Many different platforms are competing for consumers' attention and content owners' distribution rights. In the absence of clear long-term winning models, media companies must make and nurture a savvy portfolio of bets that maximize both their own economic interests and the consumer experience.


This consumer-focused transition is rapidly shifting profit pools and prompting companies to ask the tough questions about their product offerings, their business models, their organizational models and everything in between. Our media consultants work alongside client teams to help them navigate these challenges in order to emerge as winners and market leaders.

Our approach is collaborative and pragmatic. We work to develop tailored recommendations that take into account a company’s unique position in relation to the latest industry trends and consumer influences.

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